ARTIST: Mind's Eye Dub
TITLE: Uhuru
YEAR: 2013

Melodica maestro Mind's Eye Dub opens 2013 with a cry for freedom ("uhuru" in the Swahili language). The album title also pays tribute to the legendary Jamaican group Black Uhuru, one of the many original roots acts that influenced Mind's Eye Dub when he first discovered reggae music.

'Uhuru' is a very consistent and mature musical statement. The typical Mind's Eye Dub rich melodies are present together with exquisitely detailed arrangements. The artist never goes below his long established high standards of creativity, execution and production. In fact one can say that if you like any Mind's Eye Dub track from any period, chances are you will enjoy listening to all of his tunes. This doesn't mean that all his compositions sound the same. David has always been adventurous. 'Sins Of Dub' is a great example, as is 'Spark Dub' with its early digital rhythm and steel pans amongst many other ingredients!

The original version of 'Don Dub' (two remixes of the track appeared on Manwel T's 'Virtual Dub 4' set) closes the album in fine style.

Freedom is essential, as is 'Uhuru'. Gwarn!

The Sunday Times of Malta

Rebbe Cajun playing "Chant HIM Dub" on Reggae Culture Sounds Radio
The "Uhuru Jam" video

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