ARTIST: Crucial Alphonso
TITLE: Visionary Creation
YEAR: 2009

Crucial Alphonso says that he is not interested in making money out of his music. He just aims to please the people at the roots dance! Emerging from the ever-expanding Belgian roots/dub scene, Alphonso gives us twelve relentless stepping tracks: an inspired and inspiring debut album that gets you going from the word go!

Highly influenced by classic UK dub and contemporary European dub/steppers releases, the twelve instrumentals do take you into that volatile dancing mood, but there's nuff vibes here for the soul too! Thumping bass drum, thundering bass, cutting skanks, loud horns, yes, but also, delicate strings, moody flute, and ital binghi drums courtesy of Ionyouth.

Listen to this wordless positive message! Allow it to transpose you into another dimension: the pure One Love state! As the reggae master said, forget your troubles and dance!

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King Earthquake playing "Zion Way Steppers" on Jam Radio
King Earthquake playing "Deliverance Steppers" on Jam Radio
The "Food Steppers Part 2" video

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