ARTIST: Manwel T
TITLE: Virtual Dub
YEAR: 2009

The elements of the first eight tracks on Manwel T's second dub album were made available on the web for remixing purposes by Alpha & Omega (UK), Dubmatix (Canada), Hotdrop (Spain) and The Slackers (USA). A quick search on the net would provide you with many different versions of these tunes by all kinds of remixers. The last four tracks on the set were sent to Manwel T for remixing by Soul Remedy (Belgium) and Urban Dub (UK). The styles vary from 60s rocksteady to current steppers. What keeps it all together is Manwel T's precise mixing style.

As stated on the album back cover, the tracks were all mixed on a PC, hence 'Virtual Dub', but track seven is not a dub tune. It is a recently mixed straight instrumental version of the classic Slackers song from 1997, though the vintage feel of this one might prompt some to assume that this is some lost Jamaican gem from the late 60s!

'Virtual Dub' should appeal to all dub fans. Whether you're into King Tubby or Aba Shanti, this will please you aplenty!

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Rebbe Cajun playing "Trample The Masters" on Reggae Culture Sounds Radio
King Earthquake playing "Trample The Masters" and "Trample Dub" on Jam Radio
King Shiloh playing "Trample Dub" in Italy
The "Spiritual Dub" video
Soul Remedy featuring Lyrical Benjie playing "Dub Spiritual" in Belgium
King Earthquake playing "Caliente Frio Dub" and "Hot And Cold" on Jam Radio

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