ARTIST: Manwel T meets Mind's Eye Dub
TITLE: At The Temple Of Dub
YEAR: 2009

This is the first release on Dubkey Records. It features the music of Mind's Eye Dub (David Magro) and the remixing skills of Manwel T(abone). The five tunes on the album started life as Mind's Eye Dub tracks. Manwel T remixed each tune twice so we end up with a total of fifteen intense instrumental and dub tracks.

David and Manwel know each other well. Living in Malta - the small island in the Mediterranean - they have been collaborating on various reggae projects since the late 80s. Malta is an island of extraordinary temples, and this is the Manwel T and Mind's Eye Dub crucial meeting at the temple of dub!

Kicking off with 'Umtha Welanga' (which means "rise and shine") and ending with 'Back To My Dub' - two typical Mind's Eye Dub melodica scorchers - this is a sweaty journey of vibrant emotions and moods. Welcome aboard!

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King Earthquake playing two mixes of "Umtha Welanga" on Jam Radio
The "Selassie I Dub (Manwel T Mix One)" video
King Earthquake playing the three mixes of "Trod On Dub" on Jam Radio
King Earthquake playing two mixes of "Back To My Dub" on Jam Radio

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